Legend of Merlin

Merlin is believed to have lived in this area in about 550 A.D, hence the name of the locale and the name of our home.

near Merlin's grave

Near Merlin’s grave

A short walk from the house will take you down to the River Tweed and Merlindale Bridge, near the place where Merlin’s grave is said to be.







Stobo Kirk

Stobo Kirk

There are also other places nearby to visit which are associated with Merlin and Arthurian legend; for example Stobo Kirk, about 2 miles from the house, is pictured here. (Copyright James McIntosh Patrick).

It has a stained glass window depicting Merlin and St. Kentigern, or St. Mungo, as he is sometimes known. The window shows Merlin accepting the Christian faith before he died.



Sadly, the legend tells that he met his end as the victim of murder committed by shepherds where the Powsail Burn enters the Tweed.